Republicans Needed To Serve As Paid Poll Officials!

Every polling place has at least three paid poll workers, a Judge and an Inspector for each party.  If no Republican runs for these slots then you could have 2 or even 3 Democrats running a poll.

We need to fill the Republican slots so we always have a Republican in the room.

These positions are elected in this Primary on May 21, 2013. In most  cases it just takes two-or three one write-in votes to win the positions.  The job requires you to be present in your poll on each Primary and each Election Day from about 6:30am until about 8:30pm for which you are paid about $200 each election.  It’s a long day, but its lots of fun too.   As a paid poll worker, you see all of your neighbors and you serve both the your community and the Republican Party in an important way.  With Republican Officials serving inside these polls we don’t need observers and don’ t need to worry about mischief.

We desperately need you to help us find Republicans to run as write-ins in these precincts:


  • two people in Baden precinct 1                     Mt Gallitzin
  • one person in Ambridge precinct 1             Holy Ghost Orthodox Youth Center
  • one person in Ambridge precinct 3            Ambridge Boro Building
  • two people in Baden precinct 2                     Baden Boro Building
  • two people in Harmony Twp precinct 3    Harmony Twnshp Fire Hall
  • one person in Hopewell Twp precinct 9    Christ Alliance Church
  • one person in New Brighton precinct 5     McNitt Apts


There are more precinct openings but these are the crucial ones at this time.