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Marshall, Kail (& Vogel) close district offices, postpone events

Rep. Jim MarshallIn an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus, local officials are closing their district offices to the public and postponing events.

As reported by the Beaver County Times, State Rep. Jim Marshall, R-14, Big Beaver, said in a statement that he was canceling a concealed carry seminar scheduled for Saturday at the Midland Sportsman Club in Ohioville and veterans outreach hours on April 2 and May 7. Another concealed carry seminar is scheduled for Oct. 17 at the Big Beaver Volunteer Fire Department.

State Rep. Josh Kail, R-15, Beaver, said he has postponed his Donuts and Discussion breakfast meetings for Friday in Donegal Township and April 3 at the Brighton Township Municipal Building. The Brighton event has been rescheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on June 5. A concealed carry seminar scheduled for April 22 at the Center Social Hall is also postponed to an undetermined date.

Previously, State Rep. Rob Matzie, D-16, Ambridge, said his offices in Ambridge and Aliquippa would close and State Sen. Elder Vogel Jr., R-47, New Sewickley Township, said he was closing his Rochester office to meetings with the public.

More details about available services and plans for rescheduling in BC Times the article.

Submit Your Questions For Moderated Q&A Session with Our State Officials!

The May 9th Republican Committee of Beaver County business meeting will feature a moderated Q&A session with Pennsylvania State Senator Elder Vogel Jr., Representative Jim Christiana, and Representative Jim Marshall.   This meeting is open to the public (as all business meetings are), and your questions are wanted!  To submit questions for consideration please email

OP-ED: Instead of Sequester, Let’s Take a Scalpel to Spending.

Automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, take effect on March 1. These cuts, proposed by President Obama as part of his 2011 deal to increase the debt limit, are indiscriminate and fail the first step of good budgeting: prioritization.

Our national debt and chronic trillion-dollar deficits are unacceptable. They damage economic growth and threaten future prosperity. We need to control spending so that we do not run out of money for critical items such as seniors’ and veterans’ health care, infrastructure projects, and a robust military capable of deterring aggressors. This is not the way to do it.

Instead of these arbitrary, across the board cuts, which will impact selected domestic and military programs, President Obama and the Senate should work with the House to take a scalpel to spending.

The House has twice passed alternatives to the sequester, but the Senate has not voted on those solutions or any of their own.

Our federal government will spend more than 3.7 trillion dollars this year. Replacing the sequester requires finding $84 billion in smart cuts to that budget. Here are a few things we could eliminate to begin replacing the sequester:

– $2.2 billion by ending the federal government’s cell phone giveaway;
– $100 million in Environmental Protection Agency grants to foreign countries;
– $7.7 billion by implementing recommendations of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration to reduce improper payments;
– $1.8 billion by eliminating President Obama’s “renewable energy” fund;
– $10 billion by eliminating President Obama’s public health slush fund; and
– $26 billion by enforcing the eligibility standards for food stamps.

Instead of looking for ways to curtail the spending binge he started, President Obama wants a third tax hike on hardworking Americans in less than three months. No one in Washington should be talking about raising taxes when the federal government is wasting billions of hard earned taxpayer dollars.

Instead, we should prioritize the spending that is important and cut the spending that is not. Western Pennsylvanian families and businesses do that every single day and expect the federal government to do the same.

On behalf of my constituents in Western Pennsylvania, I call on President Obama to bring forward a credible plan that does not raise taxes and replaces his indiscriminate cuts by taking a scalpel to wasteful government spending.


Keith Rothfus, US Congressman for Pa-12th District.
Published Feb 27, 2013 in the BeaverCountian.Com

Op-Ed: Instead of Sequester, Take a Scalpel to Spending