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Russell (Chip) Kohser has stepped down as the Chairman of the RCBC

Today the Beaver County Republican Committee has received a resignation letter from Chip Kohser.  An Emergency Meeting of the Committee is already scheduled for Thursday, September 13th. Organized to address the motion made by Commissioner Sandy Egley asking for Chip to resign and, if needed, a possible reorganization meeting to be held immediately after the outcome of the motion/discussion. The agenda and proxy is available here.

We need YOU this WEEKEND (8/4-8/5)

We need volunteers to Door Knock in Chippewa Twp. Neighborhoods.

Join us and Bring a Friend!

Not able to Door Knock? There are other ways to volunteer. Contact us for suggestions!


You are Invited to Training for Campaign Volunteers: July 26th

Make PA RED in 2018

Phil Saggese and Anthony Dinch, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Field Organizers assigned to Beaver County, will offer training to anyone interested in volunteering to get our Republican candidates elected in November.

No time or effort is too small! You just need to start now! Get your questions answered and learn effective strategies to maximize your time and efforts.

More information available here.  Learn more about the 2018 fall campaign efforts and volunteer to help NOW.

Asking you to Watch CNN JULY 14th (new date)!

Bet you didn’t expect to see that message…….

UPDATE: Our very own Carla Maloney will be on the Van Jones Show on CNN on SATURDAY, July 14 at 7 pm. She discusses immigration and other topics with a Democrat. This is one time we will tell you to watch CNN……so tune in or set your DVR.  Channels 32 & 817 on COMCAST in our area..CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTING FOR YOUR AREA.