Clerk of Courts

Beaver County Elected Officials

Clerk of Courts

Salary: $61,574.50

Staff: 11.5 total staff

Job Description:

All matters of a criminal nature are maintained by the Clerk of Courts. Therefore, all motions or petitions having a direct affect on a particular case are filed with the Clerk of Courts Office. The Clerk of Courts Office has the responsibility to notify the defendant and his or her attorney whenever any matter is filed in a case. Additionally more than 5,000 collection statements are mailed each month to criminal defendants who are required to pay fines and costs. Other services include:

  • Processing of expungements.
  • Bail bonds
  • Microfilming and archiving all records.
  • Collection of all court imposed fines, costs and restitution and distributing those collections to Beaver County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Municipalities, and restitution to crime victims processing fingerprint cards for individuals who are applying for a Private Detective License or a Private Detective who wishes to hire individuals to work for their agency.
  • Completing record searches for the municipal police departments, the Pennsylvania State
  • Police, outside government agencies and for the Department of Public Welfare.