Recorder of Deeds

Beaver County Elected Officials

Recorder of Deeds

Salary: $61,574.50

Staff: 6 total staff

Job Description:

The Recorder of Deeds office began recording land records in 1803. All records have been microfilmed for easy access and historical retention. Each day many visitors utilize the Recorders Office for information pertaining to family history, examining the chain of title for real estate conveyances and researching Beaver Counties rich heritage.

The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording real estate transactions to include:

  • Deeds
  • Sheriff Deeds
  • Restrictive Covenants Agreements
  • Leases & Installment Land Contracts
  • Public Utility Rights of Way
  • Subdivision & Highway Plans
  • Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Satisfactions
  • Releases
  • Financing Statements
  • Agricultural Areas
  • Clean & Green
  • Notary Bonds
  • Public Official Bonds & Commissions

In addition to the above recordings this office is responsible for:

  • Filing & Certifying Veteran Discharges
  • Certifying Deeds and Mortgages
  • Installation and Oath of Office for Pennsylvania Notaries
  • Collection of the Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Tax
  • Collection and Disbursement of the Local Municipality and School District Transfer Taxes
  • Collection of County Record Improvement Funds
  • Collection of the Affordable Housing Program funds for Low Cost Housing in Beaver County
  • The Historical Preservation and Archiving of County Land Records dating from 1803
  • All records in the Recorder of Deeds Office are public information with the exception of Veteran’s Discharges.
  • This office was the FIRST in the county to do DIGITAL SCANNING and imaging of public records
  • These digitized records are now available through the internet.
  • The Recorder of Deeds office has already begun the plans to digitize ALL historical documents.

All information or interaction of this office is shared by the Assessment office, Planning Commission, Veterans office, Prothonotary’s office, Commissioner’s office, Sheriff’s office, Tax Claim Bureau, Register of Wills and the Treasurer’s office.

Each day the office records an average of 175 transactions. Each transaction represents real people who have purchased a home or property. This purchase could very well be the largest investment they’ll ever make.