Election Information

American Flag - We Believe in the United State of AmericaThe Republican Committee of Beaver County (RCBC) strives to be a resource for Republican candidates at all levels and to the general public interested in electing qualified conservative candidates.

By partnering with regional candidate campaigns ( at local, county, state and federal levels), the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and the Republican National Committee; our RCBC members, our website, social media site and our headquarters in Rochester, PA are a contact points for:

  • information on candidates
  • upcoming elections
  • the PA election process
  • election results
  • issues that concern our citizens and candidate information about those issues
  • how you can get involved and support our candidates during the election cycle

Check back frequently to see currently information regarding the next election and contact the RCBC office, our member volunteers and those organizations we partner with to volunteer to support Republican goals and candidates.