Fall 2018 Election

Introducing Phil Saggese, Field Organizer with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania assigned to Beaver County.

Phil Saggese & Scott Wagner, 201& candidate for PA Governor

Phil Saggese & Scott Wagner, 2018 candidate for PA Governor

“I love my job because I have a chance to make a real difference in politics. I see people complain about the status quo in Washington and Harrisburg all day on social media. I hear their concerns but Facebook arguments do not win elections. Door knocking wins elections and Beaver County is the front line in a key swing state. This is your chance to turn your frustrations into action by jumping in the trenches and talking to voters.”


President Trump needs your support to help keep OUR MAJORITIES in CONGRESS and on the SUPREME COURT.  Contact secretary.beavercountygop@gmail.com volunteer!

Congressman Keith Rothfus

Connor Lamb is posing as a pro-life catholic and moderate Democrat, but he was radical left ‘March for Our Lives.’ and does not support a 20 week ban abortion. Meanwhile, KEITH ROTHFUS has been passing meaningful legislation to combat the OPIOID CRISIS and was instrumental in the passing the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’.

Congressman Lou Barletta

Congressman Lou Barletta

Bob Casey was opposed to Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee before the extremely qualified Judge BRETT KAVANAUGH was even nominated. We need to replace Casey with the Republican candidate LOU BARLETTA.

Senator Scott Wagner

Senator Scott Wagner

In Harrisburg, Tom Wolf has tried to raise taxes ELEVEN times. SCOTT WAGNER is on mission to cut taxes and cut waste in Harrisburg.



  • COMMIT: Each volunteer commit to knocking doors one night week, MONDAY-FRIDAY either 4-7PM or 5-8PM.
  • TRAIN: I will be hosting one training with our door knocking app (or paper walk book) every THURSDAY night. 6:00-7:00PM. Volunteers need only to attend once.
  • ORGANIZE: House meetings with potential interested volunteers. I will come and explain the importance of a grassroots movement and make the pitch that this is an all hands on deck effort.
  • INVITE: Invite a friend to volunteer every SATURDAY from 9:30AM-1:00PM

We need to deliver a victory to Congressman KEITH ROTHFUS, LOU BARLETTA and SCOTT WAGNER. Beaver County will be vital to each of these elections and the work of grassroots volunteers is what gave DONALD TRUMP and Senator PAT TOOMEY a victory in 2016. We need you now!