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Information about Mail-in Ballots

Issue #14 – Voting Ballots (PDF)

How many Dem. & Rep. ballots requested. What to do to get your ballot submitted or if you now want to vote in person. NOTE: This references Allegheny County polls and the Election Bureau. In Beaver County, go to this site for office address, poll locations, etc.


Congratulations to our 2020 Candidates


President Donald J. Trump (Incumbent)

Sean Parnell – Candidate for US Congress, 17th Congressional District

PA State Senator Elder Vogel, District 47 (Incumbent)

PA State Reps. Josh Kail (District 15), Jim Marshall (District 14), Aaron Bernstine (District 10) (All Incumbents)

Rico Elmore – Candidate PA State Rep. for District 16

Local RCBC members and new member candidates running to represent their municipalities on this committee.